Can you drive a listen only conversation?

Leaders sometime forget to address a small but very crucial need of their employees – need to voice their opinions, feelings, beliefs and emotions. How best can they address it?

Your key to encourage innovation – discuss mistakes

To encourage innovation in your company, more than anything else, you need to encourage mistakes. A culture of openness about one’s mistakes goes a long way towards building an innovative organization.

The boundaries of our online privacy

The concern for online privacy is everywhere. Is it increasing or are we becoming more comfortable with increasing collection and monetization of our information?

The right definition of strategy

Managers make strategy day and night. We ourselves make strategy to reach our goals. Are we missing an important foundational component while outlining the definition of strategy

Wading through the information overload

We are inundated with excess information through a plethora of digital and offline channels. A few pointers to help you develop your strategy to tackle this information overload.

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